Things Family Lawyers Say

Lessons from a Family Lawyer

As family lawyers we gather for ourselves an odd collection of stories and tidbits to share with our clients to help them see their next steps.

Your family lawyer is likely the only person you’ll meet who’s been divorced a few hundred times. It’s perhaps a bit odd really, but hopefully very helpful, that your family lawyer will be well versed in all the kinds of crazy that can come with divorce and separation and can help with navigating the divorce process in a big way. So read on for some musings on surviving divorce, the family lawyer way.

How to Survive Divorce, Quotes to Keep You Going

Here are a few of the most commonly used phrases in my family lawyer toolkit, I hope they bring you some comfort and help you step in to whatever it is that you are facing next-

“there’s a solution here, we just have to find it”

“this doesn’t change our plan even a little bit”

“if you worked in the home, that means the your ex was able to work outside of the home with the confidence the kids weren’t running off, that means something”

“no file has ever stayed on my shelf forever, we’ve got this”

“stay with me”

“focus focus focus!”

“each conflict your involved in is always 50% yours, how can you alter your behaviour here to find some peace?”

“no matter the bind you’ve found yourself in, there’s always something that can be done”

“you are doing such a good job”

“it’s not your fault, you didn’t deserve that”

“we don’t twist ourselves into pretzels, just to keep somebody else comfortable”

“it’s about just taking the next best step”

“by making the choice to step out of this conflict, you are choosing peace, I think that is the real win to be had here”

“you have to live with yourself forever, and so do they, I know where I’d rather be”

“you did it, you should be so proud of yourself, I know I am”

What are some common features of your family-law-language? What have you heard your family lawyer say to you that’s really resonated with you?