My Radical New Year’s Day

It’s about time I shared how I’m feeling about 2022, it is already February after all!

I rang in the New Year in a bit of a radical way (for me at least). You see, I’d usually wake up all smug, bright and early, on NYD and take myself down to a sunny and bright cafe with some textas and my trusty purple scrapbook filled will all my hopes and goals, and plan out my year ahead. But this year I simply did not.

I’ve been grappling a lot lately with finding the perfect balance between being a driven and goal oriented person with living in such a precisely planned out way, that I’ve sucked all joy out of the things I want to do.

This year I’ve set my word of the year as- ‘Contentment’. And, to counteract my former, obsessively planned ways, I simply didn’t take myself down to the cafe to plan out my year this NYD.

This year I’ll live by my values, and those of course include hard work and drive, but all the things that I will achieve this year will be full of joy, and maybe some surprises, and I’ll try really hard to feel that illusive contentment.