How to Love a Lawyer

Today for a bit of fun, we’re talking about love. Not just any old love though, nope, we’re talking about what it’s like to love a lawyer. So, everyone gather around, and if you’re a lawyer or have ever loved a lawyer, share this far and wide.

Rule #1- we’re always late

When you make a plan with a lawyer, make it for 15 minutes earlier than what you actually need them to be there.

I hate to say it, but there’s just no way you’re getting your lawyer anywhere on time.

No matter how hard they try, they are going to send at least four emails after the time they were supposed to leave, and on their way out of the office they will be asked at least three questions by at least three different people.

Rule #2- we like to rant

Don’t listen to at least the first five minutes of what they say when they enter into the door each day. If you’re looking for love and spiritual connection from your partner, just wait until they get their rants out first.

Most importantly- never, ever, ever meet them at their level when they first get home. They are tired, grumpy, wound up and should probably just be handed a bowl of pasta on arrival.

Rule #3- we just want a break

Take them on weekends away, as often as humanly possible. This one explains itself.

Rule #4- we can get a bit flustered

Does your partner have court tomorrow? Tell them to plan their outfit tonight. We both know you don’t wanna deal with the tantrum tomorrow morning when they can’t figure out what to wear or they discover they haven’t done their Court dry cleaning.

Rule #5- share the load

Did you both just get an email from someone? Answer it for them. Just because they live and die by their emails, and they’re ‘Admin Extraordinaires’, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a little bit of help on the home front.

Rule #6- again, share the load

Please do the vacuuming.

Rule #7- we aren’t a cool party trick

If you’re at a family BBQ, and you hear someone utter the words- “Hey, you’re a lawyer aren’t you?” Go over there and intervene immediately, your partner needs your help!

Rule #8- we sometimes have trouble winding down

Here’s the one question to ask them every Friday afternoon without fail- “Have you written your list for next week yet?”

If you’re looking for a zen weekend ahead, you want your lawyer-lover to feel resolved of the week behind them and ready for the week ahead of them.

Rule #9- we are expert arguers

If you’re in an argument and you hear the words- “So what I’m hearing is…” Run and hide. Then, go run further away and hide even more.

Rule #10- there’s lots of good stuff too

Know that by loving a lawyer you have the most passionate and committed person in your corner that you could possibly ever have.

This lawyer can happily tell you that she accepts loving a lawyer is an insanely wild ride.

Sometimes, it might feel like there’s a few too many in the relationship with you- you, them, and their 50 clients too. But, at other times you know that loving a lawyer means that they’ll always stick up for you, they are strong and sure of themselves, and there will never, ever, never be a dull moment.