5 Things TV Can Teach Us About Heartbreak

This blog really is an attempt at a justification for ALL of the hours that were wasted in 2020 to Grey’s Anatomy. To say I am impartial to trashy TV is an obvious understatement, it’s a proper part of my personality and I am so not ashamed! So, for this blog to be the justification I need it to be, I need to tie my love of TV to my love of understanding all things love… and in particular the love that has been lost. Here we go, 5 Things TV Can Teach Us About Heartbreak…

1. Beware of the Things Left Unsaid

Grey’s Anatomy- everyone’s favourite romance/medical drama (and definitely NOT a soapie). If there’s anything that a ferry boat ride to Seattle’s most hot and steamy (and known by many different names over the years) hospital can teach us, it’s to beware of the things left unsaid.

The writers of Grey’s will, without hesitation, have a character with a dilemma that is so totally solvable with some communication, harbour that secret for a whole season. And what do we learn every time? It all comes out (and blows up) in the end.

The key thing to take from Meredith and the gang is that there’s no secret that’s not ‘talk-through-able’ and no feelings you should hold that won’t see the light of day, especially where there’s love involved.

2. Flowers Can’t Fix Everything

Imagine this- a whole week of utter chaos, sometimes involving dozens of women, and way too much champagne. Are we really supposed to believe that being handed a single rose and getting an air kiss is going to make everything better?

Don’t let The Bachelor fool you, the only remedy for bad behaviour is an unreserved apology and for that person to demonstrate that they will change. Getting anything less sucks, a lot.

3. Go Dancing in the Rain

I don’t even have a specific example for this- pouring rain is just a thing in TV land. Why not take a leaf out of your favourite TV character’s book and cleanse your hurting heart with a dance in the rain.

In TV land, rain seems to bring out forgiveness or acceptance in just about anyone. I think maybe this one is a metaphor for something else though- do something you wouldn’t normally do, try something different and a bit unconventional and enjoy the thrill.

4. Sad Music Helps in Healing

I will never get over THAT scene in The O.C. You know the one- she’s gone, he’s carrying her, and Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ is ringing out.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using some melancholic beats to help you contextualise the big stuff that heartbreak brings. Do it for Marissa.

5. It All Works Out Okay in the End

SPOILER ALERT! If, like me, Shonda Rhymes is your personal guru- you would have tuned into the newbie masterpiece that is Bridgerton. Set in 1800s London during the match making season, our heroine Daphne goes through a lot. Set to classicised versions of our favourite pop hits, this one is a truly good pick. To make it even better, everything works out okay in the end.

TV shows us that, after a bit of hard work, there are brighter days ahead. It really is true for real life as well, that with a bit of time we get the answers we are looking for.

So, my task for you, my hurting-hearted readers, is to turn on the telly and watch your favourite on-screen friends go through all of the topsy turvy of life. Pay special attention to the lessons they learn and the greatness they are eventually rewarded with. There are just such wonderful things ahead for you too!