How to Make the Most of Those New Year Good Vibes

The start of the year has ALL of the soul searching vibes. I’m hearing from so many that have to tackle big things this year, especially in the hunt for work. I’ve been thinking about these people a lot, and have put together my thoughts on just this…

Just One Word

Why not set an intention for your whole year?

I choose one word which captures a few of my big goals and use that word to filter my decisions and intentions throughout the year. This year, mine is LOVE! (Yep, Kiarah’s gonna start blabbing on about her 2021 wedding again…).

Your Dream Role

If it’s a job search that you’re on, really picture your dream role, map it out (on paper!) and really get to know what it specifically looks like. Think-

  • What does the workplace look like?
  • Where do they go to hire?
  • What experience/ qualifications/ individual attributes do they require and value?
  • Who currently works there, what are they like? How do they practice? What experience do they have?
  • What marketing and business development activities are they undertaking? If you resonate with them, can you mimic those strategies in your job search to signal to them that you know how to?

This way, you can work backwards from there.

Make Your Goals Work For You

Set specific and measurable, smaller goals that get you to your bigger goals. Think- deadlines, a specific amount, a review period.

Next, divide those up into even smaller pieces and determine exactly what you can be doing each week.

Time For Personal Branding

Don’t be afraid to show who you are online- think LinkedIn and Instagram, think writing, blogging and other content pieces that show your knowledge but also your personality.

There’s a perfect place for you if you tell us who you are.

Most importantly, have unwavering belief in yourself and don’t let that self-talk go bad! You spend time with yourself more than you do anyone else, so make it enjoyable and inspiring.