Future Leaders: An Election!

I’m running for a position on the Queensland Law Society Future Leaders Committee!

I’ve decided to put my hand up for election to the Future Leaders Committee as I want it to be filled with people who believe what I believe- that the future leaders of this profession are innovative, question why things are done a certain way, seek out working practices that work for us, are hardworking and have goals that are bigger than ever.

I live to bust millennial work myths.

My plans for the committee all come from the framework I work in everyday, I help people achieve the things they need to live an awesome life. I plan to extend this to help future leaders by-

  1. Get to know us- I will push all committee members to ramp up their personal branding in the early days of the committee to ensure the FLC is personable and approachable;
  2. Get to know you- I will insist on countless ‘town hall’ style events and discussions being held to make sure the FLC actually knows what’s going on on the ground;
  3. Information gathering- the FLC should take the ideas taken from its constituents and discuss them in detail, whilst gathering information from experts so that the committee properly understands issues and potential solutions;
  4. Options generation- the FLC should prepare options, being potential solutions, the more options the better! The FLC should consult its constituents before deciding on a way forward;
  5. Implementation- the FLC must resource and follow through on its solutions.

My experience includes- brand building, countless speaking opportunities furthering the cause of people like us, a Masters degree underway and my project last year to ensure new lawyers could ‘Gather’ with a purposeful space and a collection of tailored events (ask me more about the Gather project!).

I’d love your support for my election to the Future Leaders Committee, please reach out if you have any questions at all or if I can be of assistance in any way.