the Power of Connection in New Lawyer Life

I want to talk a bit about the power of connection and friendship in different (sometimes competing) organisations as an early career lawyer.

Last year I attended a Happy Lawyer Happy Life event and set out to say hello to as many new faces as I could. I spotted a Gorman-clad, young lawyer across the room and introduced myself. We soon discovered we were both Family Lawyers, of similar age and were contemplating our Masters degrees.

Fast forward to today, Jess and I have become allies in our early careers- sharing stories, advice and inspiration over lattes across file work, our now-well-underway Masters studies, content creation, business development and sometimes just ‘here’s how I’m feeling’ chats too.

I am so thankful for my friend Jess and I can’t encourage my early career lawyer colleagues enough to find allies of their own and to consider whether finding a friend outside your organisation is the way to go too.