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I believe that me, my loved ones and my clients have a right to an
awesome life…

I’m Kiarah Grace Kelly, a Family Lawyer, lover of all things colour and fun and a trashy TV tragic.

I am really passionate about what I do and I’ve worked hard to understand where I fit in not only the legal profession but everywhere else too. I discovered that all I do, whether it be outside or in the law, comes down to one key belief- I believe that me, my loved ones and my clients have a right to an awesome life.

I’m all about sharing stories, this blog was created to provide people facing separation with hope and information that their new normal (their awesome life!) is ahead of them, we just have to get there. This site has transformed into a place where I discuss how passionate I am about helping people facing separation, but also what it’s like to be a young Solicitor navigating a changing profession.

I believe that sharing is so important in helping us all feel ready to tackle our next steps and chase our awesome life, so why not join me, read along and feel free to reach out at any time!



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What’s New…

3 Years PAE… Now What?

I’m excited to announce that in 2022 I’m stepping up my leadership game and exploring life as a law firm leader.

Vice President, Queensland Young Lawyers

I am so ready to further my work in helping Queensland’s young legal profession achieve their awesome carer, and even more awesome life. My role as VP of QYL will only formalise this fun.

Thesis completed! Introducing… The Cost of Love

In August 2021, I completed my research project as part of completed my Masters of Applied Law (Family Law). My research did a lot of things, but mostly I aimed to understand and collate the economic outcomes of women who have faced a separation or divorce. My findings showed me that we have a hard truth to face in Australia when it comes to women’s economic successes. I’m excited to continue this work in 2022, follow along as I chase some policy change!

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