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Hi There!

I’m a young Solicitor working exclusively in the area of Family Law, I work out of Brisbane’s northside but service clients Australia wide.

My entry into Law Land came with my admission to the legal profession in 2018 when I also landed my dream job at Brisbane Family Law Centre.

Coming out of the whirlwind that was my very early career, I have come to learn my strengths and am more passionate than ever about what I do. With this new found sense of readiness I worked hard to understand where I fit in not only the legal profession but everywhere else too. I discovered that all I do, whether it be outside or in the law, comes down to one key belief- I believe that me, my loved ones and my clients have a right to an awesome life.

I’m all about sharing stories, this blog was created to provide people facing separation with hope and information that their new normal (their awesome life!) is ahead of them, we just have to get there. This site has transformed into a place where I discuss how passionate I am about helping people facing separation, but also what it’s like to be a young Solicitor navigating a changing profession. I believe that sharing is so important in helping us all feel ready to tackle our next steps and chase our awesome life, so why not join me, read along and feel free to reach out at any time!

What’s New…

2021, we’re coming for you!

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for 2021 to roll around. New Year is my favourite holiday and boy it is overdue this year. In 2021, I will-

  • sit on the Management Committee of the Queensland Young Lawyers;
  • also sit on the Management Committee of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners;
  • I will finish my Masters;
  • I’m getting married! (squee!);
  • hopefully lots more fun.

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To find out more about how I can help you through your separation or if you just want to get in touch, find me here or hit the social links at the bottom of this page…

    07 3862 1955
    Suite 27, Level 2, 14 Argyle St, Albion Q

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